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KESTER 44 Rosin Core Solder

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- Buy a full reel or partial amount

- 1 reel = 454 grams

- 1 ounce = 28,5 grams

- Distributor of Kester EU

- Used for Mechanical Keyboards or other DIY Projects

- Large enough to last


The KESTER 44 solder is known as a very respected and high-quality solder that can not just be used for Mechanical Keyboards but also other projects. The solder is directly from KESTER EU Distributors keeping prices low and shipping fast. You can either buy the product as a whole, in 1 pound (454 grams) or in ounces (28,5 grams). 1 pound purchases will be delivered as a roll and separate per-28.5 gram purchases will be delivered in a sealed enveloped. The product is made in the USA, the diameter is 0.031 inches and does contain lead.


Q: Why would I want this solder over some other brand?

A: Kester carries a solid reputation for high quality solder and from my experience it has been great. I wanted to get some but its pretty pricey so I figured we could all split the cost for smaller packs.


Q: Why did you go with the 44 variety?

A: Kester 44 is the general go to solder that has great wetting attributes and a rosin that is not corrosive. It is not a “no clean” solder like the 245 variety but that only means that 44 leaves a little residue that does not have to be cleaned off unless you do it for aesthetic reasons.


Q: Why did you go with the 0.031” size?

A: Every time I looked up a good gauge of solder for keyboard building .031 was recommended (especially for switch soldering). Some people like a smaller gauge for more control over the amount of solder which comes at the cost of having to feed a longer strand in. The most important factor for me was that smaller gauges are pretty expensive and I wanted to keep entry into this groupbuy pretty low.


Q: How much solder is 1 Ounce (28.5g)?

A: It is approximately 25 feet/7,5 Meters. So helpful right? In my experience 15 feet was enough to cover a 60% board with leds and a macro pad and I was not conserving solder at all.


Further information: 63/37 .031 1 lb. Spool

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