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KBParadise V80 Vintage

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  • KBParadise V80 Vintage
  • Cherry MX Brown
  • Laser Cut ABS Keycaps
  • Vintage Biege Keycaps
  • ANSI Layout
  • CandyKeys Official Reseller & Service

The KBParadise V80 Vintage keyboard is a TenKeyLess non-backlit keyboard, a size larger than their highly successful V60 keyboard, which gives you the best price to performance with Cherry MX Switches. The V80 is a simple keyboard which does not pack any macros or programmable keys, this is perfect for anyone who wants a perfectly functioning keyboard and no messy programmable features which can get in the way. If you have realized that you never input numerical data then 80% such as this one if the perfect fit. The rounded front and the matte finish on this keyboard provides comfortability and a sleek design which fits to any desk or any user. The vintage look on this keyboard gives a throwback to the first days of Cherry MX existence. The N-Key Rollover feature which this keyboard also has is very helpful for the fastest typists and the hardest gamers.  This keyboard is also Mac Compatible.

CandyKeys is an official reseller for KBParadise keyboards, we provide in-house repairs and 2-year warranty.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand KBParadise
Keyboard Size TKL
Colors Black , Dolch
Switches Cherry
LED Not Included
Layout ANSI

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Cherry MX Clear
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