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HHKB Dust Cover

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- Official HHKB Distributor
- HHKB Protective Case
- No Customs or Large Shipping Fees
- Foam feet for snug fit on keyboard
- Transparent for Show

An official product by PFU, the transparent plastic case to keep your HHKB protected from dust and other debris when not in use. Thanks to the cases transparency, it will always be showing off whats under the case, a great keycap set or even the standard HHKB keycaps. The case has a HHKB logo engraved on the bottom right, it sits on 4 foam feet on top of the keyboard with a grippy fit. The protector does not fit any other models than the JP and standard 2 models. It features black sides for a better look.

Category Accessories , Protection
Brand HHKB

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