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GPBT Arctic White Keycaps (ISO-UK)

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- 115 Keys

- PBT Plastic

- Non-LED Supportive Legends

- ISO-UK Layout

- Dye-Sub Printing 

- Cherry MX Mount

Just like any art you display in your home, keycaps are a means of self expression and a reflection of personal style. We designed GPBT with the discerning enthusiast in mind - focusing on eye-catching aesthetics and optimum functionality. Featuring satisfyingly crisp, DYE sublimation legends in a proprietary font created for enhanced readability and a flair of sophistication . High-quality PBT plastic construction offers a subtle texture and superior sound, whether you’re typing or gaming. These vibrant colors won’t fade over time.

Category Keycaps , Keycap Sets
SKU 0810069970745
Brand Glorious PC Gaming Race
Layout ISO-DE

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