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GMK Olivia

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- GMK Olivia
- EU Proxy
- Hosted by NovelKeys in America
- By Olivia (GH)
- Black on White Alphas
- Rose Gold Touches
- Covers most Keyboards
- Direct from GMK to CandyKeys

Originally born from Geekhacks Olivias love for Rose Gold, the GMK Olivia is a minimal set with a touch of elegance. Not only is this keycap set brought to you by GMK but you can also purchase a custom RAMA Keycap that will fit this set perfectly.

This keycap set has been brought to the community by Rama, Kate, Oblotzky, Mike, Discord friends of Olivia and many others <2


We would like to thank Mike from NovelKeys for being a great sport and letting CandyKeys bring this set to the EU.






Category Keycap Sets , Keycaps
Brand GMK
Layout ANSI

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