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GMK Burgundy R2

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  • Made by GMK
  • GMK Burgundy R2
  • Korean Legends Available
  • Double-Shot ABS
  • Shipping from Germany

Burgundy Wine is a wine made in eastern France, made from Pinot noir grapes. This second round of the very successful first round is an updated and better-looking set than ever, with alpha colors of RO1 and N9 modifier keys, this set has a great presence on any keyboard of any kind any layout. The modifiers are fresh and modern giving the traditional color a boost of energy, while still composing the sets ethos. The keycap set is made from ABS plastic only 200km away from us, the keycaps are double-shot meaning that the wear will be close to none over a long term.

Newly added Korean legends are also a part of the R2 set, this includes Burgundy red alphas with Korean sub legends.

Category Keycaps , Keycap Sets
Brand GMK
Layout ANSI , ISO-UK , Other

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