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Fourier 40% (Case/Plates)

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  • Aluminium Case

Case for the Fourier keyboard. The cases consists of two sets of parts, top/bottom plates and middle layers. The middle layers are optional and can be added in between the top and bottom plates at any time.

NOTE: Left plates now support 4x1u layout at lower left.


Plates for the Fourier are currently offered in one variant:

  • FR-4 PCB material
    • These plates are made from 1.6mm PCB material (FR-4)
    • Black color

The plates come with the following:

  • 2 Switch plates
  • 2 Bottom plates
  • 28 M2 6mm screws
  • 14 M2 10mm standoffs for acrylic plates

Switch plates are compatible with MX and Alps switches and support MX switch top removal. Note that for the non-1u cutouts however, the switches won’t have anything on the plate to grab on to, so you need to be careful with alignment when soldering the switch.

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