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FC660C Black

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215,00 €

- Leopold FC660C Keyboard
- ANSI Layout
- Topre 45G Switches
- Black Case & PBT Keycaps
- 2 Year CandyKeys Warranty
- No Top-Row Force Problem
- Sturdy, Heavy Duty Case

ETA: 2019-04-23

The FC660C is the pinnacle of the Leopold brand: Topre switches, PBT Keycaps and a very sturdy build, those are only some of the few things that have made the FC660C such a great board as it is today. The FC660C carries 45g Topre switches which are known for their high-quality feel and typing experience, they are plate mounted, providing even more stability. The keyboard case is very solid plastic, with 4 rubber feet on the bottom that keeps the keyboard stable on all surfaces. The keyboard comes with full PBT double-shot black keycaps (black version) or blue & grey keycaps (B&G version). The keyboard does come with a cable and 2 spare keycaps (Caps Lock and Ctrl) which you can switch out depending on personal preference. Sadly, the keyboard only comes in ANSI format as of now, ISO formats have been discussed but so far there is no planned production.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Leopold
Keyboard Size 60%
Colors Black
Switches Topre
LED Not Included
Layout ANSI
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