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Cherry MX Black Clear-Tops

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  • New Cherry Community Switch for enthusiasts
  • linear switch
  • 5-pin PCB mount
  • 63,5cN actuation
  • 80g bottom out
  • 4mm travel
  • 2mm pre-travel
  • stainless steel spring
  • made in germany
  • over 50 million keystrokes with no loss of quality

This new switch is inspired by what Cherry used in old Nixdorf CT06 CT07/2 M Softkeys Keyboard from the 1980s. Those Nixie switches had a very good reputation in the later enthusiast community so cherry took research and made a new version of those switches with similar specs but for the modern market, so no internal diode and a little dot of lubricant on the spring.

The milky upper housing and the characteristics of the spring and stem leads to a smooth feeling with rich accoustics.


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USA/NA: NovelKeys

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Category Switches
Brand Cherry
Switch Feedback Linear
Spring Gold Plated
Travel 4mm
Feedback Linear

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