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CD108 Black (ANSI)

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- Cherry MX Blue switches, a very tactile and "clicky" variety, extra resistance that kicks in right before complete activation. Ideal for typing.

- A durable keyboard with PBT Keycaps & laser etching printing as well as Ergonomic Keycap Shapes designed to provide you with durable, long lasting and comfortable typing experience.

- 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB.

- Ergonomic wide PBT keycaps with tilt angle at 7°.

- Lockable Win key. Convenient Multimedia Keys, volume up, down, mute and calculator.

This keyboard is a new Bluetooth hit from IKBC, released in late 2018 it features the newest mechanical keyboard goodies from a small price. This 100% Bluetooth keyboard is perfect for people on a budget or office use! Cherry MX Switches will last a life-time and you can expect the keyboard to be your best buddy for daily use. The PBT keycaps are extremely nice to type on and the keyboard has bluetooth to keep wires away from your desk. This keyboard also features some cool Blue and Red keycaps that you can add to add some flare to it!

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand IKBC
Keyboard Size 100%
Colors Black
Switches Cherry
LED Not Included
Layout ANSI

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Cherry MX Red
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Cherry MX Brown
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Cherry MX Blue
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Cherry MX Black
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