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MDA Big Bang Ortholinear Keycap Set

45,00 €

- Unique MDA Profile

- Ortholinear Layout

- Big Bang Colors

- EU Shipping

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- QC and Warranty by CK

Big Bang is the first MDA profile keycap set made specifically for ortholinear keyboards. The set designer named Big Bang as a tribute to Max Planck (the set is Planck compatible) and the big bang as an actual universal event (this is one of the first things to happen in the MDA profile). We like to think that its colorway is influenced by a similarly named television show, which recently announced its final season, as well.

MDA profile is essentially a reduced-height SA variant, though it has a few unique tweaks for usability. Big Bang doesn't have a uniform profile like most ortho sets. Be prepared for wonderful sculpting — not flat keys like DSA.

compatible keyboards / layouts:

1. Planck and clones
2. Preonic
3. XD75
4. Atreus and Atreus62
5. Diverge TM 2
6. Terminus Mini 2
7. Diverge 3
8. Any keyboards with 1u grid-spacing up to 15x5


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