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Acryl CNC 60% Low-Profile Case

45,00 €
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  • Hard Plastic
  • Perfect for LED Lights
  • For ANSI and ISO
  • GH60 Designed
  • CNC Milled

An Acryl Plastic case which is semi-transparent but has a rough finish, perfect for Underglow and perfect for having a lighter case that is sturdy and hard to scratch. This 60% case fits all 60% plates and PCBs we offer, it has a DIP switch hole on the bottom for people who want to use other PCBs with DIP switches or Reset Buttons.

This case originally comes without screws, please let us know in the order comments if you need screws and we will try our hardest to supply them.

The size of this case is 295 x 106 x 13,1mm.

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