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1.25x Red Pill Keycap

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  • KeyPop Keycaps
  • Red Pill Print
  • R1 Keycap Cherry MX (or clone)
  • High Quality PBT Plastic
  • Double-Shot Moulding

Need a 1.25X keycap? Here is a red pill keycap by KeyPop. A high quality PBT keycap that fits Cherry MX keyboards, pair it with any keycaps and personalise your keyboard your way. The translucent keycap selection by KeyPop is a cheap and high-quality keycap selection that fits any Cherry MX keyboard. This keycap is a 1×1.25 size keycap which fits Cherry MX (or clone) R4 locations. Thanks to the translucent material which these keycaps are made from, they look amazing on LED backlit keyboards.

Category Keycaps
Brand KeyPop

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