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Milkyway MW Coloradas

Inspired by a Mexican Lake

Inspired by Mexico's pink lake, Las Coloradas, and the ubiquitous summer vacation, Mars breaks the norms of keycap design with this innovative yet familiar design. Manufactured by Milkyway, these keycaps are set to ship just a few short months after the GB ends. Enhance your typing experience and make your desk setup stand out with these high quality keycaps!

A new manufacturer, bringing some dynamics to kitting! There are 7 kits available in this set. You can get a Base Kit, Alternate Mods, Space Kit, Novelty Kit, 40S Kit, International Kit and Mini Space Kit. All Kits can cover most mechanical keyboards out there. Even a NORDEUK Kit will help us guys in the EU get the set to cover our boards.


Group-Buy Progress

MW Coloradas is hosted by Valasupply, KanataKeys,, Prototypist, ZionStudios, Retangles; please use your respective proxy to enable fast shipping times and accurate tax calculation. When purchasing MW Coloradas you are entered into the Group-Buy and are going to have to wait until the manufacturing of the keycaps complete. You are required to pay upfront so that you are committed to the group-buy. There are no price-drops at quantities. Please stay updated via our NEWS/GB UPDATES Section on our site, that can be found under the Group-Buy page.


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Milkyway is a new manufacturer on the block, made in Asia, the keycaps are made from PBT with Dye-Sub printing. We hope to see more of this manufacturer on the block as keycap manufacturers have been working overtime since the beginning of Cov-19.



1 Deskmat, the beach of the Las Coloradas lake, available in the 900x400mm format on rubber and cloth.

THOK Coloradas

A artisan cap by THOK, Aluminium ,with anodisation and Enamel infill!

Available Kits

MW Coloradas Products

Above you can find the progress of all Kits, they are updated automatically with EU purchases, and World-Wide Purchases are updated every day on top. The Extra Products have no MOQ, they will be pre-ordered as normal.

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