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Inspired by the Sinclair ZX Spectrum from 1982

"Heavily inspired (and assumed) by the Sinclair ZX Spectrum from 1982, this set aims to have an 80s aesthetic with double colored legends, which is kinda unique and innovative IMO. This is possible using the all-over dye-sub technique. The manufacturer from the KAT profile (Keyreative) told me they are able to do that, and since I wanted to keep a uniform profile to fit the look of vintage Sinclair keyboards, I thought it would be nice to use KAM profile." - Biip Geekhack IC for KAM Wraith

KAM Wraith is a first set of a kind using all-over dye-sub techniques to provide multi color legends. The keycaps are KAM Profiled and are made from PBT Plastic. These keycaps are not double-shot. There are multiple kits including a Intl kit allowing us European users make the most out of this set. An Ergo kit is available in a full-kit allowing ergo users to not need to mix and buy multiple kits. Please be aware that the Base Kit does not contain a Numpad and will not fit 100% keyboards, for a 100% keyboard to be covered you will require the calc. kit.


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KAM Wraith is hosted by NovelKeys, Zfrontier and DailyClack, please use your respective proxy to enable fast shipping times and accurate tax calculation. When purchasing KAM Wraith you are entered into the Group-Buy and are going to have to wait until the manufacturing of the keycaps complete. You are required to pay upfront so that you are committed to the group-buy. There are no price-drops at quantities. Please stay updated via our NEWS Section on our site.


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The KAM Profile is a unique profile developed by Keyreative and Zfrontier. The profile is a noncurved straight profile and the keycaps are slightly wider and have a larger touch surface area for your fingers. The thickness of the walls are 0.55mm more than DSA profile (1.65mm in total) and the height is 1.05mm taller than DSA. The Dye-Sub Technique has been tested and proven to be reliable and long-lasting. The keycaps have been already prototyped and pictures are available on the Geekhack IC.


A Desk Mat!

NovelKeys has yet again provided us with another awesome WRAITH desk mat! A simple minimal desk mat measuring 900x400mm with a rubber bottom and cloth top. The desk mat is washable and has stitched edges. The colors are matched to the keycaps so that the match is perfect.

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