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Our alien robot overlords are here.

Our alien robot overlords are here, and you too can join their squadron of nuclear-powered spacecraft by purchasing this set of ///controls/// keycaps. This set is an homage to the sci-fi books, TV shows and movies we all grew up with. It takes inspiration from a bunch of them, and adds its own little twists. Every single legends is custom designed, including the made-up alien-overlord language. The name "Command" comes from "By your command!", the Cylon battle cry from Battlestar Galactica.

KAM Command comes with a large selection of kits, and nearly a half are language kits! The KAM Command set is for everyone, around the world, and for everyone, with different layouts. There are a large amount of extras as well, including keycaps by Protozoa, knobs and even a TKL Keyboard! Please check them out at the bottom of the page.


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KAM Command is hosted by CandyKeys, Protozoa, Ashkeebs, Daily Clack and Base Keys. Please use your respective proxy to enable fast shipping times and accurate tax calculation. When purchasing KAM Command you will be billed on check out and we will make sure your set gets delivered. There are no price-drops at quantities. Please stay updated via our NEWS Section and GB Section on our site for updates. If a kit does not make the MOQ, you can ask for a refund but the Vendors are making sure that all Kits will hit MOQ. GREAT BRITAIN ONLY - Be aware of customs fees, or any other costs that may arise on the transport of shipping to the GB that may not have been the same with previous orders on our store.


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No strangers to GBs and keycaps, they have provided us with several ex. Biip sets and have worked to provide better and better quality each GB. The keycaps are made from PBT, with All-Over- Dye Sub printing and with a matte finish, these caps are similar to the usual PBT keycaps out there. They are made in Asia under the supervision of Zfrontier.


Protozoa Command TKL

An all CNC stacked plastic case with CNC milled polycarbonate bottom. Silicone sandwich mount, custom silicone pad foot. All built to house a beautiful silkscreened PROTOZOA x MVKB PCB, peeking through the top window. PCB included. Fits cftkb's Mysterium PCBs, or other Protozoa Mysterium based PCBs.

Protozoa Artisans

Milled from aluminum and bead blasted for a matter finish. The vents are filled with resin as dark as outer space. Produced by Protozoa, these come in a 1u (escape key) and 2.25u (return key) version. The shape is custom but matches the profile of KAM caps.

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KAM Command Products

Above you can find the progress of all Kits, they are updated automatically with EU purchases, and World-Wide Purchases are updated every day on top. The Extra Products have no MOQ, they will be pre-ordered as normal.

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