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A backpack set.

What do you take with you when you leave the house? Up until it needed to be retired, Nitty carried around their favourite backpack at all times. This backpack is what has given life to GMK EDC! Two tone cool blues are accented by a burnt orange in a complementary colour scheme. The more muted tones keep it a little more subtle despite having a relatively high contrast combination.

GMK EDC Features a handful of kits, 4 total kits - Base Kit, Dark Alphas, Novelties and Space are available to customers of the EDC GB. The kitting is made with success in mind to make all MOQs with flying colors - Sadly there is no NORDEUK kit, nor ERGO Kit. The Base Kit features a numpad kit, and a good amount of extra keys is available to support most layouts of any keyboards out there with ANSI or ISO hardware layout.


Group-Buy Progress

GMK EDC is hosted by Kono, DeskHero, Prototypist, Swagkeys, KBDFans, iLumKB, Fancy Customs, please use your local proxy to avoid import fees and get the cheapest price possible. Please be aware this is a PRE-ORDER and it will take more than half a year to deliver. CandyKeys will always try to deliver extras of the GB earlier if timing allows so. You may cancel your order whenever you wish, please be aware that this pre-order phase will run for 1 month and after, the set will be available for pre-order for a higher price. This GB runs until the 13th of November.


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GMK Electronic Design is a manufacturing of original Cherry MX keycaps based in south Germany, right next to CandyKeys. GMK manufactures keycaps using original Cherry MX Molding Tooling bought from Cherry in 2011. All keycaps are manufactured from thick, high quality ABS Plastic and are made sure to carry perfect smooth texture and lasting design.



4 Deskmat designs are available to match the set. The mats are all 900x400mm and have a rubber black base and a cloth top.

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Available Kits

GMK EDC Products

Above you can find the progress of all Kits, they are updated automatically with EU purchases, and World-Wide Purchases are updated every day on top. The Extra Products have no MOQ, they will be pre-ordered as normal.

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