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A GMK Set inspired by the Japanese culture, in particular, by the iconic and typical 'home packed meal boxes' called Bentō (弁当) boxes.

Biip has done it again.

Another great set with unique legends and colors. After the very successful DSA Milkshake set, Biip set off to create a set rotating around a popular object, the Bento Box. The legends were created with simplicity and minimalism in mind, a signature way of Biips work. Having being attached to Iconography and Typography for many years as shown in DSA Milkshake, he has assured that the set will attract many newcomers to the community as well as the existing enthusiasts.

GMK Bento is designed to support nearly all keyboards out there, from HHKB layouts, to Ortholinear layouts, we are sure you will find your fit. The GMK Bento Group-Buy comes with 3 Kits, you can look at the following kits below. The kits have been designed with making Minimum Order Quantities set by GMK in mind, hence a smaller amount of kits compared to the previous Group-Buys of Biip. Many keys have been re-grouped over the development of the set to make sure that the Group-Buy will be succesful.


Group-Buy Progress

GMK Bento and its products are a Group-Buy hosted by CandyKeys, Zfrontier, NovelKeys and DailyClack. Group-Buys enable pieces of art like this set happen and hit Minimum Order Quantities set by Manufacturers. When purchasing GMK Bento you will be expected to pay up-front for all products ordered, meaning that after the products have entered manufacturing, you will no longer be able to cancel your order unless you find another buyer for your slot. This will make sure that there will be no last minute cancellations reducing the total amount to reach the MOQ.


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GMK Electronic Design is a manufacturing of original Cherry MX keycaps based in south Germany, right next to CandyKeys. GMK manufactures keycaps using original Cherry MX Molding Tooling bought from Cherry in 2011. All keycaps are manufactured from thick, high quality ABS Plastic and are made sure to carry perfect smooth texture and a lasting design.


RAMA WORKS Aluminium Keycaps

RAMA WORKS has provided us with their special limited edition keycap that fits GMK Bento. These aluminum keycaps fit the profile of Cherry or OEM Profiles and will add a spark to any keyboard that you will equip it with. Each keycap is carefully engraved with a RAMA WORKS x BENTO mark to ensure authenticity.


KEEBWERK. has also opened up a limited edition of their freshy launched nano. series products. The nano. slider with the limited edition nano. bento colorway and baseplate is made from a fresh piece of brass and single piece of aluminium. The bourns MIDI Controlled slider can be used for any applications or volume control that require precision. You can get their products at CandyKeys or check their configurator at


NovelKeys has provided us with their high quality deskmats that come in two sizes. 900 x 400mm or 450 x 400mm, there are also two colors per each size. This is the ultimate addition to the Bento product line, protect your desk from any scratches, gain ultimate control with your mouse and show off your full BENTO set-up.

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Available Kits

Bento Products

Above you can find the progress of all Kits, they are updated automatically with EU purchases, and World-Wide Purchases are updated every day on top. The Extra Products have no MOQ, they will be pre-ordered as normal.

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