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German Electronic Design GMK Aegyptus

A keycap set themed around one of the greatest and most powerful civilizations in the history of the world.

Ancient Egypt, the mysterious civilization that dates as far back as the 4th millennium BCE. Its wonders preserved throughout the times in various forms of art, monuments, and hidden secrets to be rediscovered thousands of years later. The impact of such a civilization would ruffle the pages of history and change the world forever. Ancient Egypt was truly a civilization like no other. The agriculture, unique society, and of course the beliefs of the people truly made it a marvel of the ancient world – an oasis in the desert, Kemet. However, all things, no matter how great, eventually come to an end. Egypt was resurrected several times, but it never attained its former glory. The Egypt of antiquity came as close as it ever would to its mythical status. Some believe that the Greek and Roman influence of antiquity did more harm than good. Perhaps extraterrestrials are to blame. After all, how did they build the pyramids back then? Nonetheless, the impact of this once pinnacle civilization will echo throughout history and the sands of time for all eternity, even in the realm of the Duat - or so they say.

Aegyptus comes with many sets and accessories.There are 3 kits, and as many extras, this kit does sadly not come with any NORDEUK Kit, there is a Base, Space and Novelty Kit. There is simple UK Support in the Base Kit, and you can fit most keyboards with the Base Kit.


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Aegyptus is a GB that is hosted around the world at different proxies, please see all proxies below. We should make you aware that GMK Group-Buys have currently been delayed and the ETA is only a guesstimate on when the set will arrive. You will be allowed to cancel your order if you wish, with delay; please also keep updated in the GB Updates Pages that we have that can be found on the GB page.


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GMK Electronic Design is a manufacturing of original Cherry MX keycaps based in south Germany, right next to CandyKeys. GMK manufactures keycaps using original Cherry MX Molding Tooling bought from Cherry in 2011. All keycaps are manufactured from thick, high quality ABS Plastic and are made sure to carry perfect smooth texture and lasting design.


RAMA x Aegyptus

Aegyptus RAMAWORKS Keycaps are also available. Brass Special R1 Row MX Keycaps with the quality touch of RAMA's work.


2 deskmat designs for Aegyptus are available. Green or the standard Brown accented deskmat. 900x400mm with 4mm thickness, manufactured in Asia.

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Above you can find the progress of all Kits, they are updated automatically with EU purchases, and World-Wide Purchases are updated every day on top. The Extra Products have no MOQ, they will be pre-ordered as normal.

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