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EnjoyPBT EPBT Solaria

Solaria - The solar cycle.

Left in the wake of the white dwarf comes the black hole. What once provided light and heat now inhales everything around it. ePBT Solaria contrasts the twinkling universe against the depth of the darkness. A monocoloured base that lets the legends give the set it’s subtle character. Pair this set with a grey board or something that matches the colours of the legends.

8 Total Kits! International Kit is included too. This kitting is made to satisfy everyone, made possible with the support of KBDFans and EnjoyPBT. The Icon Kit allows further usage of more complex layout keyboards, there is no Num kit in the Base Kit and is separated. The modifier color can be bought up in the Accent Kit. This kit also has a 40% / Ortho Kit to allow small keyboard users to join in on Solaria game.


Group-Buy Progress

EPBT Solaria is hosted by KBDFans, CandyKeys, ValaSupply, DailyClack and Ashkeebs and SwagKeys please use your respective proxy to enable fast shipping times and accurate tax calculation. When purchasing EPBT Solaria you are entered into the Group-Buy and are going to have to wait until the manufacturing of the keycaps complete. You are required to pay upfront so that you are committed to the group-buy. There are no price-drops at quantities. Please stay updated via our NEWS Section on our site.


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EnjoyPBT is a Chinese based company which has been focusing on clones of Cherry profile keycaps since a few years. A few of their known sets are EnjoyPBT Greyscale of 9009 which can still be bought today as stock. Their keycaps are from thick PBT Plastic in Cherry Profile.


Salvun Keycaps!

A brass keycap? Salvun is back again and again with a Cerakoted Keycap. Fitting for the top row of the Keyboard, this is a must if you are a hard fan of Solaria.

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Available Kits

EPBT Solaria Products

Above you can find the progress of all Kits, they are updated automatically with EU purchases, and World-Wide Purchases are updated every day on top. The Extra Products have no MOQ, they will be pre-ordered as normal.

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