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A EnjoyPBT Set inspired by retro Apple computer devices from the past, clean, minimal and fitting the taste of each keyboard user.

Throwback to the AEKII.

GMK Bento, DSA Milkshake, and now Biip is trodding the waters of EnjoyPBT with this great retro inspired keyboard set taken straight from the old days of Apple. This set was originally inspired by the Apple Extended Keyboard II which started selling in 1987. The Novelties and Modifiers have been modified with a modern twist to fit the demand of todays mechanical keyboard community.

Among with DSA Milkshake, Extended2048 is one of the largest kits that biip has created with a wide variety of kits ranging from NOMAD Kit to the ICONO Kit. The International Kit allows for fellow ISO users to hop in on the Group-Buy for a great price while the Icono Kit will support users dreams to personalise their EXTENDED2048 kit. The keycap colours are GMK colour L9 and BV. The keys are dye-sub cherry profile from PBT plastic.

Group-Buy Progress

EnjoyPBT Extended2048 and its products are a Group-Buy hosted by CandyKeys and KBDFans only. Group-Buys enable pieces of art like this set happen and hit Minimum Order Quantities set by Manufacturers. When purchasing Extended2048 you will be expected to pay up-front for all products ordered, meaning that after the products have entered manufacturing, you will no longer be able to cancel your order unless you find another buyer for your slot. This will make sure that there will be no last minute cancellations reducing the total amount to reach the MOQ.


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EnjoyPBT is a Chinese based company which has been focusing on clones of Cherry profile keycaps since a few years. A few of their known sets are EnjoyPBT Greyscale of 9009 which can still be bought today as stock. Their keycaps are from thick PBT Plastic in Cherry Profile.


Koala Switch by KBDFans

For the first time, CandyKeys is offering a switch specific to a Group-Buy in Limited Edition Colors. This switch is called the Koala switch and is manufactured by KBDFans, based on the T1 Switch. The actuation force is 62G and it is a tactile switch for MX Mount PCBs. The switch has the limited edition housing colors of GMK L9 and GMK BV. The Minimum Order Quantity for this switch is 25,000 Units worldwide.

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