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Meet world's first 40% ortholinear, programmable, electro-capacitive keyboard - Drawing its inspiration from Japanese technology and compact ortholinear keyboards, after two years of prototyping and development, the Conundrum keyboard is finally here. Electro-capacitive switches with rubber domes in various weights. Bound to make you thock. Sturdy 4-piece construction weighing roughly 1400g in total, resting on four rubber feet. For maximum grip. Any layout you like. Fully programmable, based on the QMK firmware.

Each kit comes in a box with: e-coated aluminum top piece, PVD-coated polished brass plate, e-coated aluminum bottom piece, PVD-coated polished brass weight, soldered electro-capacitive PCB that hosts a powerful ARM M4F chipset and a USB-C connector, 48x electro-capacitive rubber domes, 48x electro-capacitive switch housings, 48x electro-capacitive switch sliders (with O-rings, MX-compatible), 48x electro-capacitive switch springs, 4x rubber feet, screws, carrying case, USB-C cable, brass polishing cloth, easy assembly station Assembled kit weighs appoximately 1400g. Plate has a 2u cutout that supports both grid and MIT layouts.


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Check Progress of MOQ is a polish based Keyboard designer as well as constructor. He has worked hard to bring us the near impossible, a new EC layout keyboard with strict QC and a premium case as well as materials. We are sure on the success of this keyboard, will continue to innovate and bring more and more products.

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